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The RES Tutoring Team at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy is beginning to look for Tutors for next Fall, and the 2016-17 School Year 

The RES Tutoring Team is well into school year 2016-17, at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy. Twenty-one RES Tutors have begun working with our learners at #10 School. Eighteen of these tutors are from Bergmann Associates. Assembled into three teams (X, Y & Z), each of these tutors volunteers once a month for a two-hour assignment. The result is an equivalent three regular tutors, working every week with our students. Three full-time tutors have also begun their assignments.

Come to the April 8th, RES 2017 GALA, and meet some of our RES Tutors, honored guests of Bergmann Associates.

We are continuing to build our Tutoring Team, for the 2016-17 school year. Please consider requesting an RES Tutoring Team Application, now or…We are currently scheduling “Lunch & Learn” presentations in several Rochester area firms and professional groups, to inform and inspire prospective new tutors. We have “hit the ground, running”, for this school year, but we still need your support...Can we schedule a presentation with your firm, work group, church or family?

Whether or not you think you have the time to commit  to it, right now, please contact us, learn about this successful program and the opportunity it offers us to “make a difference” in Rochester’s City Schools. Let us come and meet with you, your business associates, family members, friends, neighbors. Even just two hours a week of your time can make a big difference in the life of a student. Hear about the training each tutor will receive. Please contact the RES Office, and let us know you’re interested in tutoring at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy - School #10, 353 Congress Ave. (in the 19th Ward, one block North of Genesee Pk. Blvd., between Post Ave. and Virginia Ave.)

Questions??? Reach out to RES Past President Lee Loomis and the RES Tutoring Team at…

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