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Temporarily Suspending the Work of the RES Tutoring Team...

With the layoffs and realignments, due to the recent RCSD budget crisis, our School has lost a significant portion of its faculty. These departing teachers have recently been replaced by others who were similarly displaced from their own original positions, at other schools. With the resultant disruption in classroom instructional consistency, the Leadership at DWCA has decided to suspend the use of RES Tutors, for the balance of the 2019-20 school year. This has been done in the hope of allowing the “new” teachers to develop closer relationship with their students, and to intensify their focus on improving the reading, math and science scores of our Cooper Scholars. 

We have every expectation that the RES Tutoring Team will be asked to resume its work, next Fall, when our School returns to its newly renovated campus, at 353 Congress Avenue, in City’s Nineteenth Ward. When that happens, we will once again need the dedicated service of our current RES Tutors and, no doubt, additional tutors, working with the teachers and students, in support of the NY State Science Curriculum.

Does this sound interesting to you, or maybe to some of your friends? Could you see yourself supporting the presentation of science curriculum to students, ages five to eleven? Who was it that showed you how science could “make a difference” in your life? Could you help introduce someone to science, yourself? Do you think you can make room in your life for this important challenge?

We will continue to build our RES Tutoring Team, now for the 2020-21 school year… We have been giving “Lunch & Learn” presentations in several Rochester area firms and professional groups, to inform and inspire prospective new tutors. We have “hit the ground, running”, and we need your support...Can we schedule a presentation with your firm, your work group, your church or family, sometime this Spring?

Even just two hours a week of your time can make a big difference in the life of a Dr. Walter Cooper Academy Scholar…

Questions??? Reach out to RES Past President Lee Loomis and the RES Tutoring Team at…

Rochester Engineering Society, (585) 254-2350

via website: www.roceng.orgor via email:, (585) 738-3079 (mobile & text)

via website: or (585) 738-3079 (mobile & text)

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