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June 2020

11-Jun-2020 5:57 PM | Greg Gdowski, PhD (Administrator)

February 2, 1972 (Board Meeting, Bausch & Lomb) (continued)

RES Employment Committee Chair, Graham Chamberlain announced that a Rochester Area unit of Volunteer Engineers, Scientists and Technicians (R.A.V.E.S.T.) had been formed, and was being led by William Tippy, an RES Member and local consultant. A first meeting of this group, at Monroe Community College, was attended by approximately 150 unemployed engineers, seeking support in their current job searches. This group is being supported by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), under a contract from the US Dept. of Labor. Reporting for the RES Membership Committee, George Landberg announced goals for the coming year of 200 new members, fifteen Participating Companies and five new Affiliates. He also proposed holding a dinner for a selected group of Plant Representatives who will be responsible for recruiting new members in their respective places of work, and he presented the need for a new RES brochure, detailing the benefits of RES membership. The Board approved a budget of $550 for this project. Reporting for the 75th Anniversary Committee, John Schickler announced that they were hoping to solicit a total of $15k - $20k in support funding for this celebration, and they had recently received $7,500 from Eastman Kodak for this purpose. The Board approved seven new Regular Members, two Junior Members and one Student Member. On behalf of the “Operation RESOURCE” Task Force, Ed Anthony reported that they are drafting the final report with recommendations, including; establishment of combined City-County Solid Waste Management Team, acquisition, installation and operation of a shredder, hiring of a competent company to establish a dynamic plan for maximum recovery of resources from solid waste, and that the City & County proceed with recycling operations, a composing system or, if these are determined to be not feasible, an incinerator system. The Career Guidance Committee reported that the RES Explorer Post now has a forty-person enrollment, making it the largest in the region.

“The Rochester Engineer” (February 1972)

The RES Luncheon Series for the next four weeks was announced; “A Progress Report on Highway Safety” by W. Russell Laidlaw, Rochester Products Division of General Motors, “A Modular Traffic Signal Controller” by Jerome O’Neill, General Railway Signal Company, and,“How to Plan for a Human Community” by Stewart D. Moot, President, New Wayne Communities, Inc. For the first time in its fifty-year history, this issue provided a complete recounting of the proceedings of the most recent (as of printing time) RES Board meeting.

March 1, 1972 (Board Meeting, Bausch & Lomb)

The Board approved the applications of fourteen new Regular Members and four Junior Members. The R.T. French Company was accepted by the Board, as an RES Participating Company. On behalf of the Membership Committee, George Landberg reported that fifteen Plant Representatives had attended a successful Membership Promotion dinner meeting at the University Club. A brochure was ready to be sent to the printer. The Board also approved motions to suspend, at six-month intervals, RES dues payment requirements for unemployed members and to offer a non-transferrable RES Luncheon ticket to each member, upon payment of their annual dues. RES Director, John Schickler reported that he had secured Robert W. Decker, Vice President of General Motors, to be the speaker at the RES 75th Anniversary Engineers’ Joint Dinner, on April 26th, 1972.

“The Rochester Engineer” (March 1972)

In April of 1972, the RES planned to present a multi-themed exhibit, “Technology Trip”, featuring sponsored displays with themes including: Transportation (W. Russell Laidlaw of Rochester Products/GM), Communication (John L. Wheeler of Xerox Corp.), Home (M. John Corson of RG&E), Health (Charles Hancock of Castle/Sybron) & Future (Walter Hausler of General Railway Signal). These displays were to be presented for three days, at Midtown Plaza. Two recent additions to the RES Luncheon meeting schedule included; “The World Trade Center” by Seymour Cohen, Tishman Realty & Construction Company and “Operation RESOURCE” by the RES Task Force on Solid Waste Management. An RES-sponsored evening seminar, “Motivation and Human Values” by Franklin C. Basler, Jr., Director of Rochester Downtown Ecumenical Ministry was announced. An article on the VEST Program announced that, as the result of the RES’ support, the Rochester Area Volunteer Engineers, Scientists and Technicians (RAVEST) was up and running, operating as a clearing house for job opportunities, especially focused on providing assistance to former employees of the US Aerospace Program.

Subsequent articles in this series will describe the RES' continuing outreach to other technical societies as it considered its role in this and the larger community, along with more of the activities of the RES as it moved to be of greater service to its membership, especially those suffering from current economic crises, and adopted a greater role in shaping the future of the City and its environs. Noted also, will be the contributions made by RES members in the struggle to meet the challenges coming out of World War II and the Korean Conflict, as well as a hoped-for period of post- war growth and prosperity. These articles will also feature an impressive array of RES activities in support of post-war re-emergence of Rochester area industry, and the ensuing prosperity of the second-half of the 20th Century.

We welcome your questions and comments on this series.


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