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The 2021 Recognition Awards by the Rochester Engineering Society

The April issue of the Rochester Engineer recognizes each award recipient and

additional details on each recipient will be highlighted in an early May publication of The Rochester Business Journal.


 “2021 Engineer of the Year”


John Wesley Nieto, Senior Fellow, L3Harris Technologies


“2021 Kate Gleason Young Engineer of the Year”


Andrew D. White, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Rochester


                  “2021 Kate Gleason Young Engineer of the Year” – Six Finalists


Maura Chmielowiec,                                              Lydia M. Hays,                                                         Thomas Howard, PhD,

Senior Specialist, Systems Engineering,                                Senior Associate, Software Engineer,                                     Assistant Professor of Electrical &

L3Harris Technologies                                                              L3Harris Technologies                                                               Computer Engineering, University of Rochester



Sage Keefer,                                                   Joseph D. Majkowski,                                Megan Nicole Smith

Senior Supervisor, Software Engineering,                                Lead Engineer                                                                            Specialist, Software Engineer

L3Harris Technologies                                                                  L3Harris Technologies                                                              L3Harris Technologies

           Six “2021 Engineers of Distinction”


Jarrod P. Adams,                                             Mark F. Bocko, PhD                                   James P. Farnham, Jr.

Scientist in Electrical Engineering                                                Distinguished Professor of Electrical                                   Director of Automation and Controls

L3Harris Technologies                                                                   Computer Engineering, University of Rochester               ReBuild: Optimation Technology, LLC


Jacob W. Hillmon                                          Alan Pilecki                                                  Peter C. Sherer

Scientist in Electrical Engineering                                             Director of Engineering, Chief Engineer                                Technical Sales Engineer

L3Harris Technologies                                                                 HF Products, L3Harris Technologies                                      ReBuild: Optimation Technology, LLC



Rochester Museum & Science Center

Administrative Director

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