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Executive Committee

The Board shall establish an Executive Committee with power to act for the Board between Board meetings, including the power to direct investment of the Society’s funds.  The primary responsibility of the Executive Committee will be to determine the strategic direction of the RES and to outline plans for orchestrating the RES mission in the upcoming year.  This will include the assignment of Directors and members to the RES committees at the beginning of a fiscal year.  The Executive Committee is expected to meet regularly, either virtually or in person, to prepare and create an agenda for the upcoming Board meeting.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the four elected officers of the Society, the Past President, and one other Director, chosen by the Board. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be four. The President and First Vice-President shall serve as Co-Chairs of the Executive Committee.


First Vice-President

Second Vice-President


Immediate Past President



Rochester Museum & Science Center

Administrative Director

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