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Promoting and Celebrating Engineering in Rochester 

Serving the Rochester Community for over 125 years!     
Rochester Engineer Magazine - See current and past issues from the home page (going back to 2014!)

The Rochester Engineer magazine is published monthly, except July.  We invite you to consider submitting news items and articles.  The deadline is the 10th day of the month prior to the issue. Unless otherwise stated, opinions expressed in this publication are those of contributors, not of the Rochester Engineering Society, Inc. The magazine published electronically (only).

In January 2017 we voted to PRINT only four issues (January, April, August, and November), and in January 2019 we to electronically only. We ARE still be preparing 11 issues a year.

The March and April issue cover and feature is the details on the Award Recipients and the Event where we will celebrate those awards as well as many scholarship recipients.

Materials should be submitted to the Administrative Director at the society’s office by the 10th of the month previous to the upcoming issue:

Rochester Engineering Society
657 East Avenue
Rochester, New York 14607
Phone number (585) 254-2350
email: therochesterengineer@gmail.com

The Rochester Engineering Society has publication opportunities available for its
monthly magazine, the Rochester Engineer. This publication is read by thousands of engineers, technologists and business people in the Rochester and surrounding area. We offer you the opportunity to promote your firm by contributing content for the following:

Cover Story
1,100 - 1,200 Words - 2 Pages (plus Front Cover)
3-4 High resolution digital images
Compelling image for Cover
Title, Tagline, Byline, Author Bio
Feature Article
1,100 - 1,200 Words - 2 Pages
3-4 High resolution digital images
Title, Tagline, Byline, Author Bio
High Tech Commentary
500 Words - 1 Page
High resolution digital images
Title, Tagline, Byline, Author Bio

Submit to therochesterengineer@gmail.com with your name, title, company, address, phone #, Email, and Preferred publication month. Include a brief synopsis of the article.


We also invite you to consider advertising in the Rochester Engineer.  Circulation of the electronic issue is ~2,000+ monthly and focuses on the engineering and technology sectors in the Greater Rochester area.  Further advertising information may be obtained by contacting the office of the Rochester Engineering Society. Advertising Rates

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